Size Guide

Here is a size guide to make online shopping a little bit easier for you!

Super Stretchy

All of our sets are made of a fabric that can accommodate all shapes and sizes! Whether you are curvy or slimmer.

Like a looser fit?

Then we suggest sizing up.

Want a tighter fit?

Our sets are true to size but you can size down if you feel more comfortable.


The sizes can very slightly over various collections.


Need more info?

Why do I have to preorder?

As we are a small business we have very limited production of our sets to avoid over production and wastage. Therefore when we receive preorders we can estimate how many sets we need to produce. 

How long will my preorder take?

A preorder can take from 2-4 weeks due to the fact that we produce to order and customisation of the branding. You will receive constant updates about your order to be kept in the loop! :) 

 I accidentally ordered the wrong size? 

If your items are the wrong size we have a 21 day return and exchange policy. Although due to the our production size we cannot promise we will have the right size immediately available. 

How long will my lifestyle planner take to be delivered?

The lifestyle planner is printed to order due to the customisation. The turnaround time for these are between 10-15 days (including shipping).

How do I make a return? 

We provide you with one free return (ie. we pay for the item you are exchaning with). After that standard rates apply.