The first wealth is health – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Hello beautiful humans! As a part of my first contribution to the Smitten blog, I wanted to write about and showcase what I, Nutritionist Nicola, embrace about health. This quote by Emerson has always inspired me to put my health first, mentally, emotionally and physically – and what better way to do this than to give into the guilty pleasures of life!

I used to (and sometimes still do) struggle with finding a balance between restraint and indulgence, but what matters most to me, is that discipline has to be met with disobedience ever so often! We all want to tuck into our little guilty pleasure, but as the phrase holds, some of us may feel a slight sense of guilt after. In an effort to get more comfortable with the idea of indulgence, I have started to reshape my thinking – there is nothing wrong with satisfying your desires, especially when it leaves you feeling that much better! It’s only human!

And, on that note, if the wine is calling your name, then wine the hell not! And, if the chocolate looks lonely beside your bed, let it find comfort in the warmth of your belly, offering a burst of endorphins in return! Cheers to indulgence!

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